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As a result of Syria ongoing conflict and deteriorating living conditions, the situation has reached crisis point. The number of vulnerable people is increasing, and the humanitarian crisis deepens. The Syrian people endure worsening conditions as Syria’s conflict enters another year, and millions of Syrians are caught in rapidly deteriorating conditions facing an uncertain future. In many parts of the Syria the health system has almost collapsed, water supplies have been cut and food is in short supply. Many children are suffering from trauma and health issues.Many of Syria’s schools have been targeted, damaged, destroyed or taken as shelters. A large number of Syria’s hospitals are destroyed. Mosaic Syrian has responded to the humanitarian needs of some of the most vulnerable Syrian communities with urgently need essentials and reached more people in desperate need. Mosaic Syria has funded and operated a number of humanitarian aid projects that address the urgent needs inside Syria and for the refugees in the neighbouring countries.Mosaic Syria provides basic and necessary humanitarian aid and relief for Syrian and helps the most vulnerable with urgently needed relief, such as medicine, food parcels, heating fuel, blankets, and winter clothing. Mosaic Syria brings aid to people in real need and will continue providing life-saving humanitarian assistance and support the Syrian communities, refugees and people displaced within Syria.

Mosaic Relief Projects