100 Caravans for Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp

100 Caravans for Syrian refugees in Zaatari campimage

20 May 2015

Delegation from Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Foundation had given 100 Caravans for a number of Syrian refugee in Zaatari camp, and that was under a contract which the institution recently had signed with Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services “raf” and ensure that Jasim and Hamad bin Jassim Foundation funded manufacturing 100 Caravan with a total cost of $ 1,200,000 Real.

Mr. Isaac Ahmed Hashim the Head of Delegation and Chairman of the Executive Committee and a Member of the management Board of Jasim and Hamad bin Jassim Foundation, had delivered the caravans keys to a number of Syrian refugee families.

He said that funding for the project comes within the organization’s priorities to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian brothers, and he pointed out that the institution is implementing development projects in the countries which are the most in need, mentioning that they focus on health, education and housing.

He stressed that in the future Syria will have the largest share of development projects and reconstruction of the health and education sectors, after the end of the current war, and the establishment of security.

He stated that these caravans with new specifications, where each containing kitchens, modern bathrooms and finishes, with a total area 7.5 / 2 m for every caravan, and the duration of the manufacturing took one month starting from 15 April.

In addition to that he mentioned that Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Foundation is one of the leading and independent institutions in her charity work, and the foundation’s main aim is to implement the humanitarian needs of marginalized communities and groups at risk of poverty, disease, ignorance and disasters.

And varied humanitarian organization services to include the provision of opportunities to contribute the improvement of the lives of thousands of people.