100 million pounds as a new British aid for Syrian refugees in Amman

100 million pounds as a new British aid for Syrian refugees in Ammanimage

08 Jul 2015

The British embassy in Amman confirmed on Tuesday that Britain would provide new humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees and their host countries worth 100 million pounds.

The embassy said in a statement that this new support confirms the UK’s position as one of the largest donors in the world in providing support to those affected by the war in Syria, noting that Britain has provided to host countries for Syrian refugees since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and so far more than 220 million pounds.

According to the statement, Britain will spend in Jordan during this year more than 70 million pounds (the equivalent of US $ 100 million) to help improve school facilities in local communities, support small businesses grow, create jobs, provide shelter and health care in refugee’s communities and promote the provision of necessary services such as clean water.

It pointed out that this aid show that the United Kingdom is a partner to Jordan in the long term to help in maintaining the resilience and stability of Jordan, noting that Britain stands side by side with the Jordanian communities hosting generously large numbers of Syrian refugees.

Jordan hosts on its territory since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in mid-March 2011 and so far more than 680 thousand Syrian refugees, while Jordanian officials estimated the number of Syrians about 1,400,000 including 750 thousand Syrians are existing before the crisis and called economic refugees.

The number of Syrian refugees registered by the United Nations and who are in neighbouring Syria States at about 4 million refugees, but a large number of them are not registered in Lebanon and Jordan, while the number of displaced people within Syria about 7.6 million.