141 thousand Syrian Students in schools of Jordan and the government stress on their right to learn

141 thousand Syrian Students in schools of Jordan and the government stress on their right to learnimage

18 May 2015

Official statistics issued by the Ministry of Education in Jordan indicated that the number of students of refugees and displaced Syrians enrolled to study in Jordan rose to 141 thousand students compared to about 121 thousand students with the beginning of this year. The statisticas was announced during a meeting of Jordanian Prime Minister Dr Abdullah Alnusor with Supreme Steering Committee to follow up the situation of Syrian refugees, showed that there are still students in the age of school but out of school.

The Prime Minister stressed during the meeting that the roght of education shall not be denyed for any Syrian child “as a moral and legal imperative on The Jordanian state to provide this for the children.”. However, The Minister of Education Dr. Mohammed Thunaibat said that there is a big pressure posed by refugees and displaced Syrians on the schools, especially in Mafraq and Irbid cities in northern Jordan.

Thunaibat also talked about the ministry’s efforts to increase the number of school buildings as well as its efforts trying to persuade, children out of schools, to attend school. Also, during the meeting of the Supreme Steering Committee, the current situation for health care for Syrian refugees,was dicussed, which costed over the past year 253 million dollars according to the Jordanian government.

Dr. Alnusor also dicussed the financial struggle for the presence of Syrian refugees in Jordan, as it reach this year $2.9 Billion, which was stated by the UN, whle Jordan recieves only 38% of that sum, the other 62% would be covered by the Jordanian Government.

There was also a discussion for the progression of work in the mobile units for processing water in the Refugee’s camps and its own units, and the proe of water in Alzaatari and Alazraq camps, with reviewing the impact of presence of Syrians on the housing units in Jordan.