16-Meters Length, A Rubber Tube To Help The Refugees Across The Sea

16-Meters Length, A Rubber Tube To Help The Refugees Across The Seaimage

12 Oct 2015

A British expert in marine rescue operations invented a rubber tube to help steeped refugees at sea, according to a report by BBC.

The idea came to Ben Board after watching photos if “desperate” migrants trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean, where many of them sink. He said, “After watching the child Aylan, lying on the beach, it was a devastating image, I decided to develop the means of saving the refugees and prevents their sinking”.

The rubber tube’s length is 16 meters which equipped with a solid ropes, allowing people to tout in presence of high waves in the sea, one tube can save the lives of 50 people.

The tubes used last month saved the lives of hundreds of refugees, according to BBC, which indicated that “MSF” has asked for more of them.

The project is sponsored by a number of British donors who collect money from the proceeds of their concerts, Mark King, who said, “The invention of the Board of the tube is a great idea but the costs being paid by the British.”

The inventor of the tube recently began to work on the production of a doubled tube so refugees can ride over it in addition to holding to it. BBC added, people in Elliot started to raise money to cover the costs of 18 tubes, 4 of them has already sent while other 8 will be sent next week.