2,000 children and 15 activists regain Syria history and peace

2,000 children and 15 activists regain Syria history and peaceimage

13 Aug 2015

Global terrorism in their country and around it, leaving debris and desolate, they deserted and in their hearts great sorrow, and their eyes shine agony and fear. Millions of Syrian children and young people are refugees in neighboring countries, and in their memories printed images of the devastation that the demolition of their homes, their landmarks history and evidence of civilizations.

In order to regain their beautiful image of their country and heritage ancient implemented “Belady” organization project funded by the “UNICEF” Organization management by Association (AVSI) Italian, in 7 affiliated rehabilitation centers in Jounieh, Sidon, Nabatiyeh, Marjayoun and Khiam.

The president of “Belady” organization, Joan Farshakh Bajali, describes that the project “aims to familiarize the Syrian refugee children on the map of their country, Syria, which they abandoned and not realize, and the formation of a positive image in their heads for their country confirms that it is not only the land of war, it is a land of civilizations, and miss to came back to their country and upon their return will maintain the features that have learned it and protect it, not strangers”.

“Syria in my mind” is the first project in the world that uses the diacritics to definition refugees to their country, and connect them with their land. Between May and August 2000 children between the ages of 5 and 15 years, came to centers of (AVSI), where they spend 5 hours a day for 4 days, where they recognize the map of Syria, its geography and its diacritics, and they learned music and songs from its heritage.

Joan says “we put education program for 4 day, sail on a journey to Syria via its archaeological. And we divided it into four regions: the south, the center and the desert, the coast and the north. Every day they studying the geography of one of the areas with its plains and plateaux, mountains and the desert.

On the ground, we put Syria map which they forgotten its form or they do not know it, it has been developed by the solids of animals and archaeological sites, 3 meters long and sitting around, moving between areas by car game so they interacting with the map, then they start work on an archaeological site specified in each region and put its features artefacts which made of wood and cardboard.

We have chosen six archaeological sites are: Bosra Theatre, Old Damascus, and Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers, Aleppo Citadel, and Paternosters. We focused especially on the castles that destroy and build several times so they find hope to return and reconstruction. “

The activists were 15 Syrian university students, underwent a training course in “Belady” organization in Lebanon specifically for this project, and “was a daunting task in the beginning that they regain Syria before the war, they were not able to sing, they were crying.”

Several position experienced by the children, they asking the activists, is it true what you tell us? Is Syria beautiful to this extent? And with pain they ask when we will come back to Syria?

This project “Syria in my mind” came as a short space allows the refugees say “I am a Syrian and so proud” and a hope station to restore his dignity, worth of humanity and hope to return.