2.6 million Syrian children out of school

2.6 million Syrian children out of schoolimage

17 Apr 2015

The United Nations has launched (UNICEF) in collaboration with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics during a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Beirut, its report on regional children out of school. “We are all in school, the Middle East and North Africa Initiative of children out of school.” Is the title of report which shows the decline in the number of children out of school in Middle East and North Africa region by about 40% over the past ten years. The report pointed out that this progress has slowed during the recent period affected by poverty, racial discrimination and the declined level of education in addition to the conflict in some countries. It also reported that more than 2.6 million Syrian children are now out of school in the Syrian home and country of asylum after entering the Syrian crisis in its fifth year, confirming that it is “pushed the capabilities of basic social services to the breaking point which had a devastating effect on the 4.5 million children”. The report added that out of every five schools in Syria there is a one damaged or destroyed, or even used for other purposes “20 percent of schools”. Also Syria has lost so far about 20 % of the teaching and social stuff members.