$ 21 million grant to Jordan to help Syrian refugees

$ 21 million grant to Jordan to help Syrian refugeesimage

31 Jul 2015

United States announced to give $ 65 million as additional grant in humanitarian aid for the World Food Program, which is supplying food to about 6 million people from the Syrians and refugees from Syria each month, and allocation $ 21.3 million of this amount to Jordan immediately.

In total, the United States and through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of Food for Peace, have contributed more than $ 1.2 billion for the operations of the World Food Programme in Syria.

The World Food Program provides, since 2013 and that the United States is funding a large part of it, food assistance to the refugees, while also contributing about $ 1 billion in the economy of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq. The program also enhance the local economy and reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the host communities that have generously opened its doors to refugees from Syria.

The statement pointed out that the United States is the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the Syrian crisis, and offering more than $ 3 billion since the start of the conflict, including more than $ 4.1 billion of food aid, to help the millions of people inside Syria and outside its borders for food urgent, medical care, supplies and relief that they desperately need.