5 thousand refugees “illegal arrivals” just stay in Europe

5 thousand refugees “illegal arrivals” just stay in Europeimage

24 Apr 2015

European leaders held a meeting in Brussels, to discuss ways to cope with the phenomenon of illegal immigration that led to the deaths of 1,600 people while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe since the beginning of this year, According to the United Nations. In the same context, the British newspaper The Guardian said (Thursday) it’s seen a draft of a “secret” leaked to EU resolution which studying return of the majority of illegal immigrants to their countries, while allowing for five thousand of them just to stay in Europe. The newspaper pointed out that the draft, which requires return the rest of immigrants (An estimated 150 thousand people) to their countries, Will be presented to decision-makers to decide about them, It will also provide emergency aid to countries that face the flow of illegal immigrants, as the newspaper described. The draft proposed focus on coordination with the countries that constitute the starting points for these immigrants, In addition to further efforts in maritime surveillance and military presence necessary to target and deter smugglers. At a conference on the seas in Singapore, Koji Sekemezo, the director of the International Maritime Organization of United Nations, said “It’s time to think of a way to stop this dangerous smuggling of migrants across the small boats emanating from Africa towards the European coast”, adding that “More than 170 thousand refugees have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe over the last year and killed nearly 3,000 of them”. Ban Ki-moon, The Secretary-General of the United Nations commented on the last accident of crash ship in the Mediterranean Sea last week “It must Solidarity governments around the world and receive more refugees”. It is noteworthy that Amnesty International has indicated that it will be released in the current April 28 a new report provides a detailed analysis of the crisis of immigration to Europe, It includes direct testimonies of some of the survivors of the crash boating accidents during the first three months of 2015.