A Cultural week for Syria in the European Union

A Cultural week for Syria in the European Unionimage

01 Jun 2015

The exhibition “Syria: the third space” in the European Union building in the Belgian capital Brussels, with the support of the British Council, on the first of June to the fifth of it.


This exhibition is a part of a week of discussions and presentations aimed to publicize the importance of art and culture in the steadfastness and supporting the process of reconciliation.


The presented work are some documentaries images which were taken by Syrian women who have been forced to flee from their homes, in addition to Photos which were taken by activists who risked their lives to tell the world about the details of the daily life of the Syrian citizen, and other kinds of arts.


British Council organized a presentation and discussion of the documentary film entitled “Syria queens” for Jasmine fedda, who documented the extraordinary efforts which were undertaken by a group of Syrian refugee women in the production of their own version play of one of the oldest plays “Trojan Women”.


And one of the activities for the week a seminar under named  “Culture and Conflict: The Power of culture in the resilience and reconciliation” in which activists in civil society and Syrian artists will talk about their opinions in the subject.


The exhibition includes 30 works of art, including a Graphic video project under the title “with no sky ” for Muhammad Imran and Bisan Sheikh to express what is happening in Syria, who chose art as a means to express their grief at what is happening in their country from destruction and complete survey of the villages and cities from memory.


And even knitting has its share in the exhibition, when Mohammed Khayat continue to embroidery his scarf while he is thinking about his mother and the way she used to fix his cloths with, and during that he was moving between Syrian refugees who offer him pieces of their clothes which he takes and adds to his scarf in the end Mohammed puts the scarf he made on a Syrian refugee and takes a picture for him/her.