A fire in Hatay caused the death of three Syrian refugee children.

A fire in Hatay caused the death of three Syrian refugee children.image

09 May 2015

After the fire accident in Lebanon on Thursday where three Syrian refugee girls were injured, another fire in Iskenderun took three Syrian refugee children as victims.

The fire was erupted in an apartment in the Iskenderun district of Hatay province where the three kids were locked inside alone while their parents were out.

According to eyewitnesses from the Muradiye neighbourhood of Iskenderun, Yusuf two-year-old, Muhammed four-year-old and Suleyman six-year-old, were at home alone and locked inside while their parents were shopping when the fire broke out at around 2:30 p.m. on Friday.

After a call from the neighbours, the fire department arrived at the scene, but unfortunately the three children were found dead under a sofa, where they apparently tried to escape the flames.

When their parents arrived on the scene and saw the apartment on fire, they tried hard to enter the building but were prevented from doing so.

The bodies of the children were taken to Iskenderun State Hospital mortuary after the local public prosecutor made an initial investigation at the scene. The police have initiated an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.