A plan to append a million displaced Syrian children to education

A plan to append a million displaced Syrian children to educationimage

13 Sep 2015

Gordon Brown, the Special Envoy of the United Nations World Education, called donor countries and institutions to speed up the support of a new plan aimed at ensuring appended million children of Syrian refugees in schools, in all of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, during the next three weeks.

The UN official told reporters in UN headquarters in New York, that “Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world, and now lives with more than 631 thousand Syrian child”, from fleeing.

He added that he “calls for the allocation of $ 250 million to support the education of children refugees, and give them a glimmer of hope, especially with the imminent start of the new school year.”

He continued he “declares his support for immediate assistance, for more than a million children of Syrian refugees, among the approximately four million refugees from the Syrians in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, half of them children, as millions of these children, they will spend all their school years in exile, and hundreds of thousands of them will not be able to enrol in any semester, so they have put a plan to accommodate a million Syrian children from them, and keep them away from the dangers of child labour, and trafficking. “

Brown stressed that “the possibility of attaching these refugees children in the current academic season in condition of double the financial contributions, including the expansion of the scope of double-shift system, which is applied by the Lebanese government, and dissemination of the same system in Jordan and Turkey, and put other measures for the return of Syrian youth, whoIt has the opportunity for education, to school.”

He stressed that “during emergencies there are no buildings, no teachers available, but in the case of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, where most of the Syrian refugees live, what is missing is not the classroom, or the training of teachers, but the money and finance.”