A School in Atmah might close due to lack of support

A School in Atmah might close due to lack of supportimage

08 May 2015

The expulsions by the regime for Syrian families from their towns and villages over more than four years, forced the children to leave their studies, where number of volunteer teachers trying to correct exacerbate educational crisis by creating school with limited features to protect the children right in education, with lack of possibilities and neglect of supporting organizations and bodies.

It is no longer new to see the neglect of the supporting organizations and bodies for the future of children in Syria, who the war made them naughty despite softness nails, perhaps one of the most important causes of the expulsion from school is displacement, which pushed much of them to look for work.

Atmah camp, on the border with Turkey, in this school, which is the first educational structure within the camps adjacent to the border, the number of teachers seeking to complete their mission in education children who involuntarily forced out of school due to war and displacement, defended many obstacles, including a lack of guidance equipment, and illustrations, and the difficulty of input information to the mind of the child because of what is surrounded by an atmosphere of displacement.

Teacher Ibrahim Haji Hassan says, “For the most important obstacles that confront us on a professional level, a lack of equipment due to lack of support, in the first year, there was a shortage in the number of books and stationery. Also we miss the illustration methods, what forced us to create new ways to be modern and academic”.

The School which was built by private supporting group, continues it educational program since the beginning of the year, and it receives about five hundred and fifty students, distributed on grades from the first grade until the ninth, despite the absence source supporting it. The staff of twenty four teachers see the continuation of the educational process requires the support material and logistical levels.

Teacher Mohamad Naasan said “The current situation without support, pays much of the teachers left teaching here, and look for another paid work, be able to fill the need of their family, also the school requires support at various levels, to continue the education in it”.

To cope with the bad situation in this school, and the challenging embarrassing situation for the teachers. Teachers are trying to complete what they started, and teach the whole subjects for this year.