A school was bombed in Aleppo.

A school was bombed in Aleppo.image

13 Apr 2015

At least nine people including five children and two women were killed in Jamil Al Qabani School in a rebel-held in Aleppo on Sunday morning. Aleppo is a major front-line in the four-year-old Syrian civil war, a conflict which the United Nations says had killed around 220,000 people. The city is about 50 km from the Turkish border, and it’s divided between government and insurgent control. The Syrian observatory for human rights which is based in the UK, said the death toll from the strike on Jamil Al-Qabani school would likely rise. A video was published on YouTube showing the aftermath of the attack. A man is shown holding what he said is the severed lower leg and foot of a child, and rescue workers were shown carrying away what appeared to be a body wrapped in a sheet.