A Syrian chef from Aleppo becomes a famous chef in Gaza.

A Syrian chef from Aleppo becomes a famous chef in Gaza.image

16 Jun 2015

A Syrian citizen Wharf Hamidou had succeeded in overcoming the difficulties he and his family had faced because of the war, after he violates all expectations and moved to live in the Gaza, Where he has become one of the most famous chefs in Alqtaaoqubl.


3 years ago Hamidou (34 year-old) was running a small restaurant, which had been destroyed by the bombing, and he had to flee with his family to Turkey.


In Turkey, he decided that it would be better for him to live in Egypt, so he moved to Port Said, where he ended up with working as a chef in corporate banquets in Cairo, then he faced one of two options, either to risk a trip to Europe or to try his luck some where else.


Recording to Sky News and Reuters news agency: Hamidou said  “I had to chose either a death ride in boats to Europe with an uncertain future or go to Gaza on the advice of some Palestinian friends.”


In May 2013 he was smuggled through one of the tunnels linking Sinai and the Palestinian territories, and joined the Gaza’s population of 1.8 million people.


Hamidou had been interviewed by a Palestinian journalist who he had married later, after that he had opened his own restaurant, which he called (Suryana) in one of the best neighbourhoods of Gaza.


About his first impressions of the Gaza’s kitchen he said: “I saw that there was no creative methods in cooking, only a few places were offering non-traditional things, and I figure out that I have a chance when it comes to Syrian food.”


With the increasing fame, a local television station asked Hamidou to provide a program about cooking, which will be released in 30 episodes during the month of Ramadan.