A Syrian Child Creates a 3D Design for Aleppo City

A Syrian Child Creates a 3D Design for Aleppo Cityimage

12 May 2015

With support from his parents, “Mohamed Ketaish” 13 years Syrian child, established a three-dimensional design for the city of Aleppo. He used cardboard to do his design for the city as he sees it in the bright future after the victory of the revolution. His design had towers, skyscrapers, upscale stadiums and giant bridges, trying to simulate the developed countries.

Mohamed did not forget in his artistic work to create replicas of the old city of Aleppo after the restoration and he also built replicas of the Great Mosque of Aleppo and schools of the city.

Mohamed’s modest exhibition at the home of his family in the neighborhood of Seif al-Dawla, a liberated neighborhoods, packed with visitors and followers who come to see what he had commissioned, where he was able to draw the attention of everyone with his emphasis on accuracy in making cardboard models of the city of the future in Syria Free modern details.

Mohamed dreams of becoming an architect in the future, and about his current experience Mohamed said my parents helped to bring this work to success, they provided paper, silicon and all my needs, I worked in my free time. Mohamed adds, “every child has a free time and it should be used in some useful activities, like the art because it serves in building the country”.

Mohamed’s father says, “My son was a youngster talented, and was very quiet, and he likes drawing eagerly and his mother is a School Arts teacher, and has mastered the painting par excellence. We all helped to develop the talent Mohammed, and during situations in which we live, Mohamed spent most of his time in home, causing him to take advantage of his time in the models, and it is our duty to stand with him and support him and give him what we can within our means “.