A Syrian refugee woman sells her kidney to support her five children

A Syrian refugee woman sells her kidney to support her five childrenimage

15 May 2015

Parents always offer sacrifices for their children but can this sacrifice make them sale one of their human organs to buy food or cloths for their children?

Umm Ammar a Syrian woman, who fled Syria with her five children to Lebanon, was left with no choice but to sell her kidney to feed her children in Faour in Lebanon.

Umm Ammar lives with her children aged 10-year-old, 8-year-old, 7-year-old, 5-year-old, 3-year-old, in a camp in Lebanon for more than two years now, without her husband after she had lost him in Syria.

They Live in a tent with the most basic necessities of a decent life she no longer has any breadwinner and even though she needs to pay rent for this tent.

Umm Ammar from Al-Kser, a village in Homs city, was married to a man, who had a land, which was their source for living, at first they refused to leave their home no matter how the situation was, but after a while the shelling became too heavy for them and their children to stand, they were with no choice but to fled to a safe aria, so the father took his family to the border area with Lebanon, but Abu Ammar went back to Syria to protect his land and home, later Umm Ammar heard that her husband was arrested and died under torture.

After this news her life has become more difficult, she was left with her five children in a place she doesn’t know, and she has need to feed them somehow, she was Hosted by a Syrian families in Lebanon for a month and then she moved to one of the camps, and she held an agreement with the owner of the camp, who asked for 600$ as a yearly rent for the tent, that she’ll pay him as soon as she can.

Unfortunately she couldn’t find a suitable job to be able to support her family, buy them food, or pay the rent as she promised, in addition to that the camp owner kicked them out of the tent and they had become homeless. One of the neighbour families in the camp hosted her and her children.

After a while Umm Ammar read an announcement about a sick person who needed a kidney and was ready to pay 1500$, for Umm Ammar it was a big amount of money.

Never hesitate Umm Ammar to sell a piece of her body to maintain the life of her children, after all for how long they will continue to ask people for food and remain homeless.

without hesitation she called the number which was shown on the announcement, after that she secured her children with her neighbour, when a car arrived and took her to a hospital a hospital in Beirut luxury for the surgery, after two days in the hospital she returned to her children with one kidney and 1500$.

She rented a new tent for her children and was able to buy them food but when the money will run off umm Ammar will go back to her first tragedy.

She managed to register in a charity that provide them with food aid worth $ 100 Commission appointed by somewhat on the hardships of life, but what about the tent rent? The question remains in her mind what could she do? Which part of her body she could be forced to sell to support her children?

The suffering of the Syrian refugee did not stand on the tragedy and sadness over the loss of their homeland but has spread to organ trade, hopefully one day they’ll go back to their home and this nightmare will end.