A training workshop for teachers in the Afad camp in Srouj

A training workshop for teachers in the Afad camp in Sroujimage

27 Apr 2015

Physicians Across Continents carried on Saturday a training workshop for staff education in Afad camp for displaced people in Sroug. Ahmed Mohammed, one of the trainees in the workshop saying to ARA News that «the workshop devoted to training on communication skills in the camp between the teacher and the student» indicating that «Large number of teachers camp’s school attended the workshop camp», he pointed out that «Egyptian trainer Dr. Ahmed Bakori, focused on privacy situation of children in the camps of displaced persons, and their psychological sensitivity, and paying attention to the teacher to build and gain confidence in the beginning before education and played the role of health and also social observer, following the smooth style talk in the workshop.» Afad camp featuring thousands of displaced Kurds from Kobani, in addition to displaced from Arab component of the various regions of Syria.