About 40 school for Syrian children in Istanbul

About 40 school for Syrian children in Istanbulimage

10 Jun 2015

Dr.Muammer Yildiz, Director of the Department of Education in Istanbul, said that the Syrian educational institutions opened nearly 40 schools and educational organization for Syrian refugee children who flee from the internal war which raging in their country.

Yildiz said that the children of Syrian refugees have rights to have a good future, pointing out that the children who came to the country through illegal ways, and they have a formal residence papers, they can enjoy equal rights with the rest of the students, within the Ministry of Education schools.

Yildiz explained that there are centres offering courses for Syrian students, opened by municipalities and some government institutions and associations, saying: “These centres offer courses and educational classes according to their study plan in Arabic, with the support from Syrian businessmen, and with the participation of Syrian teachers, we – the Directorate of Education in the city – do not interfere in the work of these centres and institutes. Only Istanbul includes about 40 schools. We have cooperated with them, but the inspection and control work is not our mandate. “.