Abu Dhabi: Charity bazaar supports Syrian refugees

Abu Dhabi: Charity bazaar supports Syrian refugeesimage

04 May 2015

On Friday in Abu Dhabi a charity bazaar organised by wives of foreign diplomats in the UAE, to raise funds to help Syrian refugee children in the Syrian-Jordanian border areas, it was held at the General Women’s Union, under the support of Shaikha Fatima.

Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation, and Head of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood donated Dh500,000 to this bazar.

In a statement Shaikha Al Yaziya Bint Saif Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan, wife of Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister, announced the donation during the opening of charity event at the General Women’s Union. She said that Shaikha Fatima’s humanitarian donations further demonstrate her generosity and support for all underprivileged people, women and children in particular.

Nadia Hashani, Spouse of the Libyan Ambassador, President, Diplomatic Group for Spouses of Ambassadors Accredited in the UAE, speaking about the one-day event said. “This year, our philanthropic activity is with the participation of the Spouses of the Ambassadors representing several different countries. The proceeds shall be dedicated to our Syrian children from the beloved Syria, who are refugees on the borders between Syria and Jordan.”

She added “This important philanthropic exhibition attunes with the highly praised and successful Tarahamo (Spread Compassion) campaign which was launched by the United Arab Emirates- the homeland of giving and generosity that always rushes to rescue the needy and the distressed, through the Emirates Red Crescent.”.

She also went on to praise the support of Shaikha Fatima for the help and motivation she has given, as well as the support of Shaikha Al Yaziya, and she went on to say that ongoing charitable efforts to help Syrian refugees must continue, as many of them are still going through a lot of troubles, and that they must be helped until they have peace and security.

Pauline Hennessy, vice-president of the Diplomatic Group and wife of the Irish Ambassador to the UAE, said that the charity bazaar was a community effort, with support coming from residents and diplomatic spouses from several different countries, including many non-Arab European countries.