Activists devise a project for breeding rabbits to support 300 family per month in Eastern Ghouta

Activists devise a project for breeding rabbits to support 300 family per month in Eastern Ghoutaimage

11 Jun 2015

A group of activists established a new project in East Ghouta to provide meat for people there by breeding rabbits.

This comes in light of the blockade imposed by the regime forces on the free Eastern Ghouta, of course, in the loss of all food products, and extremely high prices for them if they were founded. The idea is breeding rabbits, taking advantage their high protein meats.

Dr.Abu Musab, veterinarian and a project manager, said that “this project will support more than 300 families per month over three years, and this project is supported by international humanitarian relief body through its office in Eastern Ghouta”.

He pointed out that “This project is the first of its kind in the region and is based upon academics from various competence, and the main aim of the project is to provide a new source of animal protein for the trapped people of Ghouta, it is a fast multiplying and inexpensive compared with other types of meat”.

He continued saying “For this work many positives that are beneficial to the people of Eastern Ghouta primarily, is the most important to break barrier of meat shortage, which has become a dream for every family in Ghouta, As well as the rest of the cows wealth by finding an alternative for its meat, in addition to that rabbit food available in the markets, on the contrary, the rest of the animals are in need of concentrated feed for fattening.

He explained that this work takes time not relatively long to come to fruition, as the breeding mothers rabbits and take care of it to get to the production stage needs to be about 6 months in order to inject a good amount of their meat be an alternative to other types of meat like beef, lamb and other.

And about the way of take people advantage from rabbit meat, he said, “It is possible sale the production of this project in special centres away from monopoly and domination traders, we hope God will help us to succeed this work to help the civilians access to the meat material which has become out of reach for more than two years”.