Ahmed and His Right for Education

Ahmed and His Right for Educationimage

18 Oct 2015

Anamel School is continuing promoting for the Syrian students to gain the right to education through improving access to education, nutrition, medical care and protection from discrimination and violence. Anamel School calls for a greater awareness of the inequality that face the Syrian students, solely based on their unfortunate place of living. Anamel School is calling for the need to innovation in partnerships, policies, resource utilisation, community mobilisation, and most of all, the engagement of internal community to provide education for the Syrian students. The crisis in Syria has created an educational emergency, with the break-down of the higher education system within the country. The education crisis has forced many Syrian students and teachers to internally displace in order to seek opportunities to gain education or work inside Syria.

Anamel School has identified an urgent need to provide emergency assistance to these students and teachers to enable them to continue their academic education so they can help rebuild their country. The students and teacher inside Syria have reported attacks on universities, labs, and classrooms.  Many schools have been destroyed and areas being shelled that made it impossible for students to attend the classes. Anamel School is providing emergency education to students whose education has been interrupted by the crisis, and work opportunities for teachers whose lives are threatened and unable to work in their areas indie Syria. An action is needed to protect universities and schools inside Syria that offer education to assist the students with providing them with emergency support who are unable to gain access to schools.Ahmed’s way to school is one of his unforgettable memories of his school days, his seat and all his friends and teachers. Ahmed is considered to be one of the best students for his family and his school.

After two years of the Syrian crisis, Ahmed’s father left the army and returned with his children to the city and decided to enroll Ahmed at Anamel School. Ahmed started his third science grade at Anamal Secondary and has proved to everyone that he is an example of the success at the school. Ahmed has aimed to obtain the secondary certificate, which only can be achieved by the end of secondary school year.The teachers at the school had a big hope at Ahmed’s school achievements, and they believed in his determination to succeed and pass the exams with high grades. Ahmed says, “Our family moved here so we can live in peace and pursue our education. “. “Due to the ongoing security situation and the restrictions, which have affected everyone in our hometown and prevented us from being able to go to the central of our province to take the final exams”. Ahmed had to register at the local examination centre to take the final exams. Ahmed has achieved the highest grades among the other students.

Nevertheless, Ahmed faced unexpected tragedy as he was unable to register or applies for any universities or institutes after completion his studies, because of the unrest in his province. Ahmed was shocked by the reality that he found himself forced to go to work due to the unfortunate death of his father by one of the airstrikes on their area. The death of his father has burdened him to have the full responsibility to look after his family. Ahmed’s life has changed dramatically, and he found himself as the breadwinner for his family, which consists of five members, and he was unable to pursue his education at this early age. Ahmed has forced to work in a factory for a manufacturing factory. Ahmed has proved to be a young and energetic individual and works long hours to support his family. Despite the difficulty of Ahmed’s work and the hardships of everyday duties, Ahmed still has a smile on his face. Ahmed’s forehead shines with optimism for a better future, and perhaps he can live the life that is full of joy and happiness that lies always within him. Ahmed wished to complete his studies, which he spent twelve years of his life age pioneering to achieve it.