Al-waer Spring stems from the gallery children’s drawings

Al-waer Spring stems from the gallery children’s drawingsimage

07 May 2015

Civil Building Society for Engineering Works has established on Wednesday drawing exhibition for two age groups of children from the age of five years and up to fifteen, under the title “Spring Exhibition” sponsored by the local council of the province of Homs.

The exhibition included seventy-four painting, at first glance seem primitive, but with insight into specificities see the look of hope that comes out of their innocent eyes, especially in some of the paintings in which children draw their devastated city landmarks, like Khalid bin Al-Walid mosque, New Clock, and Old Clock of the city.

While the child “Khaled” gave the finest of his paintings, where draw Al-Aqsa Mosque with Khaled bin Al-Walid Mosque and woman symbolizing freedom for Palestine and Syria, and the painting of the girl child “Salam” painted the Waterwheels of Hama city, and she painted between its bars Martyrs inside coffins in a sign that the city is sinking in blood and the waterwheel is now swims with blood instead of water.

Al-Waer district witness a state of intellectual and cultural recovery, and several events each specialize affairs of orphans and children, and some of the affairs of thought, literature and poetry through evenings and cultural seminars defied the blockade, and it broke the bombing routine, destruction and bloodshed which imposed by the military mechanism of the regim.