American organization runs medical campaigns in the countryside of Hasaka

American organization runs medical campaigns in the countryside of Hasakaimage

08 Jun 2015

The American organization IRC, during the past two days, in the regions Karkilke, Mabda Wjl Agha, Al-Jwadeah and Alyan, runs a medical campaign through mobile teams to check the conditions of the patients, and to provide suitable medical drugs to each medical case.

Also it formed other mobile teams of gynaecologists to check the pregnant women in the region and run investigations to them, and echograv.

Hadeel Al-Ghannam, Midwife working within the organization team, said for ARA News «educate pregnant women is essential, and through this campaign we told pregnant women that the mother’s milk is the best food for the baby, it fits in its composition and its contents with the needs of the child’s body, as it is protected from injury much of diseases, and enhance the immune system».

Ghannam stressed that «the mother’s milk helps the uterus return to its normal size after birth, as well as it is economic and clean, and provides protection from breast and ovarian cancer, and gives a sense of psychological satisfaction».

Noting that they warned pregnant women on how attention to the health, family planning methods, and how to deal with colds that affect children.

It is noteworthy that many organizations since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, visited the region and opened offices there and provided aid to the people.