Amsterdam distributed Bicycles to refugees in Zaatari

Amsterdam distributed Bicycles to refugees in Zaatariimage

30 Apr 2015

Distributed Amsterdam City, on Sunday, about 500 bicycle in Al Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, one of the largest refugee camps in the world. In the hope of alleviating the transport problems in the camp. Minister of Foreign Trade Affairs and Cooperation and Development Dutch, Lilian Blomn, distributed the bicycles during her visit to Zaatari refugee camp in Mafraq (about 85 kilometres north-east of Amman) which is home to about 80 thousand refugees. And During a bicycle inspection and delivered to some aides of humanitarian organizations in the camp she told reporters “Zaatari camp the size of the city, we think we should help the people here for transportation this is why we distributed the bicycles”. She added that “bicycles necessary not only because it provides the opportunity for men and women, boys and girls to ride and mobility, but also is an important for bicycle repair shops, this is a good investment.” The minister pointing during walking in the camp, her government is ready to provide the camp with more bikes in the future “when it is needed”. Distributed 487 bicycle to aides of humanitarian organizations working in the camp for service the refugee, contrary to what was announcing that it will be distributed to children. These used bikes performed maintenance before being sent to the camp, after that stayed in the garage of about 25 thousand bicycle confiscation has no owner in Amsterdam. The estimated number of bicycles in the Netherlands about 18 million, of which 490 thousand in Amsterdam. Recently bikes parked badly became a real problem for many local authorities.