An Exhibition in Lebanon tells the suffering of Syrian refugees children

An Exhibition in Lebanon tells the suffering of Syrian refugees childrenimage

18 Jun 2015

High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) had organized on Wednesday, a photographer exhibition, which tells stories about the children of Syrian refugees suffering, in Lebanon.


The fair which was organized in the capital, Beirut, in conjunction with the artistic residence House in “a’leya” (center), was attended by a number of ministers, Lebanese officials, and artists, where the Attendance had a tour around the exhibition watching the paintings and sculptures that reflect the suffering of Syrian refugees and Lebanese who host them, in addition to dozens of photographic images that embody the suffering of Syrian children in Lebanon.


 More than twenty artists participated in the exhibition with their art work with hope that “the sound of refugees will raise to those who in position of Resolution Authority and power, in order to help the displaced children who are victims of this war,” according to one attendee.


 The exhibition included paintings, and sculptures which takes those who standing in front of it to the land of suffering of the refugees and their children, shifting them to the real feeling of these humanitarian tragedies which the world is experiencing without any concrete action to end it, toward the innocent people who have no sin in power conflicts.


 Ninat Kelly The UNHCR office presenter in Beirut who is leaving Lebanon after five years of work, had attended the exhibition, thanking everyone who has worked with her and by her side “for human”, as she put it.


 A spokesman for the United Nations for Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Christoph Bolyark, had said at a news conference in the United Nations Office at Geneva the day before yesterday that Lebanon ranked the second place in terms of the reception of Syrian refugee children, and they estimated at about six hundred thousand, pointing out that Turkey comes in the first place in hosting about nine hundred thousand Syrian children,  54% of the total number of displaced Syrian children.