Anamal Studnets will not give up hopes on education

Anamal Studnets will not give up hopes on educationimage

20 Jun 2015

Syria’s devastated education sector and many schools are affected by the ongoing conflict. Many schools were damaged or occupied by the displaced families or used for military purposes. Some students cannot go to school as their families need to eat so they work instead. Therefore, many school enrollment rates in Syria have fallen to an average of 50%.  In some areas in Syria which have been devastated by years of war, schools enrollment is down to 6%. Many children who are not receiving an education are likely to rely on a greater extent on their families or government assistance. Many students who could not complete their primary or secondary school are likely to earn less money in their first job than those who completed secondary school and those who will finished university. Anamel School teachers believe that no matter how and no matter where, Syrian children will fight to continue their education.Anamel School believes that education brings people together as it plays a positive social role in the lives of Syrians. Anamel School has been established since the start of the conflict to provide education for the children of the new arrivals to the area.

Anamel School is providing children with schooling during the conflict to help them to avoid any possibilities of being involved in child labour, early marriage and recruitment by armed groups. Anamle School believes that providing education would contribute also to the students mental resilience. Anamel School urges the international community to provide support for rebuilding education in Syria. The Syrian crisis is the largest humanitarian tragedy, and funding shortfalls have led to a temporary suspension of food aid that left many without basic subsistence. The number of students that are in need of assistance in Syria continues to rise dramatically, while the international funding to help is not fulfilling the need. Anamel School believes that the limited and inadequate aid funds will result in more people in need, and these people will desperately survive on different strategies, such as: child labour or early marriage. In Syria, going into a school is like entering dark buildings with windows fitted with metal bars that feel more like a prison or military base. In many schools, classrooms cannot accommodate the number of incoming students.

The school year at Anamel School has started in light of the challenges posed by the ongoing war with its problems for the students expenses that represent a real problem for the poor. These school costs have included everything the student needs from stationery supplies to school uniforms. Many Students believe that education has suffered as classrooms that are supposed to fit 40 students, have more than 50 students. Anamel School also has some concerns that many parents are lack interest in their children’s academic progress in light of the decline in the standard of living. The parents’ conditions have reflected on their children’s ability to achieve their education. Anamel School offers courses during the summer break to hundreds of students. These courses are to provide opportunities to make up for months, and sometimes years, of education, missed as a result of conflict. Anamel School students have proved that they do what they can to learn despite the difficulties as they are holding on to their right to an education.