Anamel Students are no more looking back with sorrow

Anamel Students are no more looking back with sorrowimage

31 May 2015

Many of Syrian students that are forced displacement have already passed the point of believing that they can pursue their futures. These students are trapped in anguish, sorrow and grief that their generation are lost and under the siege. The past years has left too many students with deep emotional scars and pain. These psychological developments have affected their ability to become healthy and emotionally balanced adults and these invisible wounds are undermining the capacity of the students to become successful leaders. The ongoing conflict has carried out long-term implications for the entire generation through undermining the foundations on which societies are built. Many students are losing out of school due to the collapse of the education system in Syria. The schools have been damaged or turned into shelters or taken over by different groups and forces. Moreover, many teachers are no longer able to teach and students fight for spaces in the crowded classrooms and their families are struggling to cover the cost of school books and transportation.

Many of the Syrian students have their own harrowing stories, but they have demonstrated remarkable resilience, creativity, and their ability to pursue their studies. Many Syrian female students are wearing colorful headscarfs and a seemingly having permanent look of sorrow.These students are facing significant barriers to obtain secondary and higher education in Syria. There are significant need from the international community, NGOs, donors, and international academic institutions to support Syrian students to continue their education and academic work. This can be achieved through existing initiatives, such as Anamel Schools initiative. If Anamel students represent Syria’s coming future, then the future could be very bright. Anamel School intuitive has made it a reality through providing the opportunities for these young Syrian to access education and follow their dreams. Anamel School has offered the chance to the young Syrians to recapture their missed learning opportunities and ensure their psycho-social well-being.

The crisis in Syria is approaching its new terrible year, an entire generation of students is that facing violence, displacement, and a lack of opportunity for education. Anamel school has geared together with other education initiatives to raise the “No Lost Generation” slogan and proposes practical solutions to avoid the possibility of occurrence lost of the Syrian generation. Anamel School has aimed to offer protection to the futures of the students that affected by the crisis in Syria. The school has organised classes for protection, psycho-social support, first aid and mental health recovering for the students. More than 180 boys and girls have been attending the recreational and remedial activity classes since its opened. Some of the students have showed their enthusiasm and relief in having the chance to enroll at Anamel School and study with friends and getting the sustainable support that they need from the school. Anamel School is committed to reduce the risk of losing a generation in Syria that is growing with every day that the situation deteriorates.  

Anamel school has focused on expanding the possibility to the students in the area to access the learning and psychosocial support, strengthening social cohesion, and restoring hope for the future to many students living in the area.The school has implemented several critical efforts to minimize the impact of the current humanitarian crisis in the future of children, through offering education and protection for the students. Anamel School is offering the opportunities for the students to help them not to witness their futures disappear amidst the prolonged conflict. The school has aimed to rescue these students from the brink and to sustain its commitment to preventing a lost generation of the Syrian students.