Angelina Jolie visits the refugee camp in Lebanon with her daughter

Angelina Jolie visits the refugee camp in Lebanon with her daughterimage

22 Jun 2015

For The second time, the star Angelina Jolie, visited Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

“People” Magazine, which is particular in celebrity news, reported that the visit is private to see the small refugee Hla 12 year-old.

Angelina brought her daughter with her Shiloh 9 year-old to spend some time with Hla the refugee girl who Julie met during her first visit about one year ago.

Angelina said “Shiloh knows that I give great importance to the refugee families and she asked me to bring her for these tasks, in addition to that she heard about Hla since I came to Lebanon and she wanted to meet her.”

Angelina added: “It was fantastic, they played together, and Shiloh gained friends.
I have heard from the refugee children the hardest things that they had lost, Hla loosed her parents and she lives with five other children in the Bekaa.”

After leaving Lebanon, Angelina the Goodwill Ambassador and High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations, and her daughter went to Turkey and specifically Midyat camp, where they will revive the World Refugee Day with the United Nations High Commissioner.