Anamel School and the need for education to rebuild the country

Anamel School and the need for education to rebuild the countryimage

28 Apr 2015

Many students in the Middle East region are nervously waiting for their exam results of final year exams in January every year; nine studying subjects that include maths, English, Arabic and history. However, unlike any other students, Syrian students are studying for their exams in challenging surroundings during their exams.Nevertheless, Arastan Students are optimistic about their future. Many students have said that they love the school, they have their friends there, they like the teachers and everything about it. One of the students’ dream is to be a teacher because she has the most amazing teacher that inspired her to be a teacher. When the shelling start, the student cannot go to school anymore because they are scared, and it affected their future and studies. Anamel students are suffering the devastating impact of the humanitarian crisis of many years of conflict. For the Syrian children, the years without accessing education had left a great impact on them like a lifetime. The Syrian conflict years have prevented the Syrian children from the chance to learn how to read.

These years in conflict have brought only loss and despair and let them living through the most damaging conflict in the region’s recent history. Many Students in Anaml School are seeing the war besiege their future in the areas that are hard-to-reach on a regular basis. These students are suffering from the loss of learning opportunities and the psychological impact of traumatic wartime experiences. Every year that passes, the students lose their chances of recovering and rebuilding their futures. Anamel School students have showed to their teachers tremendous courage, resilience and compassion for pursuing their education despite the loss of their family members, physical injury, their homes being destroyed.The students determination has showed that Anamel students believed that they could recover their childhood dreams and achieve their dreams.The school students are exposed to many dangers that go beyond death and injury. 

Education is considered as being one of the most dangerous for children and teachers inside Syria due to the increasingly attacks that damage and destroy the schools in the ongoing conflict.The educational facilities inside Syria are affected by the air strikes, shelling and explosions throughout the year.Many Schools are being forced to close or change its location because of the conflict. The schools’ enrollment rate has descended and many children are out of school. The Syria humanitarian crisis are forcing students to grow up quickly and expose them to varied abuse and exploitation due to the conflict.There are many students are either living in areas of the country that are hard-to-reach because of intense violence that prevented them from getting any food and medical supplies. The suffering of the families and students in these areas are unseen. Other students are living in where conflict that make access to humanitarian assistance is extremely difficult.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria should be stopped as another year of conflict would cost far more lives. The Syrian students will be exposed to another year of brutality and violence and caused them loss of their skills and being unable to reshape their nation and the restoring the stability to their country.There are no obligations that are set by the International community to protect schools in the Syrian conflict which caused the dropping out of school by the students that would cause the loss of an entire generation of children.