«Art for Syria» initiative born out of crisis

«Art for Syria» initiative born out of crisisimage

30 Oct 2015

A young Canadian of Syrian origin launched an initiative «Art for Syria», in an effort not to forget the marginalized Syrian human behind the conflicts and disputes which began since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, during which the media reported scenes of violence, murder and blood.

Yousef shofan said that the aim of the initiative is to help the Syrians who are suffering the scourge of war and displacement, and changing views, and give a voice without any discrimination to different societies.

Project «Syrian eyes around the world», hosted by the Organization of «La Maison de la Seri» (Syrian house) non-profit, is also an attempt to archive the current part and the difficult moments of the history of the Syrian people.

The initiative met with a big response in the ranks of Arab artists who have well contributed, to be able to collect a modest amount of money, just weeks after its launch. And it launched in collaboration with the «Syrian House Association» in Montreal.

Shofan said to «Huffington Post Arabic» website that «The idea began in September (last September), which is about an invitation to artists from different nationalities in order to showcase their work, as sales proceeds go to help reduce the suffering of the Syrian refugees.»

He pointed out that the artists who received the invitation to participate in the project, have never hesitated to help, and all responses were positive.

And the paintings carried artist’s names, mostly Syrians, such as Rami Hanna and Reem Hanna, Dima Karout, Adham Murshed, Anas Hajjar, and many others who expressed their paintings for the suffering of the Syrian people, in an attempt to give the Syrians a chance to express themselves in the light of what they are going through.

It is worth mentioning that Shofan took part in the mission of the United Nations Development Programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and produced documentary films and organized photo galleries.