Artist Fadi Khatab… the Photo is Death Foretold Story

Artist Fadi Khatab… the Photo is Death Foretold Storyimage

05 Jun 2015

Under the title of “Towers of Silence” was held recently in the Swedish city “Gothenburg” exhibition of Photography by Palestinian / Syrian artist Fadi Khatab.

The exhibition documents by the image, the Syrian revolution events, and the martyrs who have fallen in defence of the revolution of freedom and dignity. The exhibition attracted visitors from the Syrian, Palestinian and Arab community in general as well as the Swedes, and was suitable for export events of the revolution to foreign people through the art without the influence of the media on their knowledge of what is happening in Syria.

“I inherited the art of photography for my uncle, who was martyred during the captured images in Lebanon war, and was the last of his capture on the aircraft which bombed. That moment was decisive and my lens has become my identity and stuck on my lens the curse of death” Khatab said to Alan News.

He said “Gallery towers of silence was not an ordinary event for Syrians and Palestinians, I received impressions that they came here to look for the faces of their children and their parents and friends, it was a rare moment, the show was a gathering of many refugees who had not met since the beginning of the revolution, not only in Sweden, but from all over Europe. And for Europeans was very important interaction, they are used to the solidarity and sympathy but they only see what media decide to show them, but the situation was different this time, it was a shocking picture”.

He added “I am photojournalist I get motivated by curiosity and the love of adventure and I have a professional and moral responsibility towards the event in general, and the Syrian event in particular. The pictures taken are human stories, smiles of Martyrs, are the life, love and study, and sweetheart waited for her lover and returned Martyr. All of this because there are a dictator decided to burn the country and not to give up power”.

“Today I consider myself as a person part of the event and the Syrian pain, what I did as an artist is that I put in front of European public opinion, the reality as it is, to see what is happening in Syria as a real situation” he said.

Khatab ended his talk: “Towers of Silence exhibition may be the last, it is the story of Death Foretold, snapshots funeral of martyrs and house furnished with pain for the meaning of existence and the search for a homeland”.