Asala is visiting Syrian Refugees in Morocco

Asala is visiting Syrian Refugees in Moroccoimage

01 Jun 2015

Syrian singer Asala Nasri said that she still supports the Syrian Revolution. However, this affected her badly and caused her to loose many friendships In which she described herself as a emotional and rush person and cannot change this, no matter how others use this point to offense her.

As an answer about the support she give to Syrian refugees, she said, she wishes to visit refugees in refugee camps, but the lack of protection for her in those places preventing her from doing so.

About the Syrian victims she said, she accused, many Syrian artists are trying to earn money and fame by using the suffer for The Syrian people, pointing that, she and many other Syrian artists give regular help for refugees without announcing, and they do not want it also to be published, “No matter what we do, we are still behind the need for people”.

The manager of Arabic Programming “Mahmoud Al-masfer” said that Asala has visited Syrian refugees in Morocco to support them and reduce their sufferings.

Asala will evaluate her concert at Alnahda platform, on Saturday evening at 9:45.

It is noteworthy, that the Mwazeen festival chose dozens of artists and bands from various countries of the world, the most prominent are international star Jennifer Lopez, Eikon, Barbara Hendricks, Asala Nasri, Elisa, Nabil Shouail, Maher Zain, Melhem Zein, and Wael Kfoury.