Bahrain donates housing units for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Bahrain donates housing units for Syrian refugees in Lebanonimage

23 Mar 2015

A group of NGOs has replaced tents in a refugee camp in north Lebanon with portable cabins donated by Bahrain, the state-run National News Agency reported Sunday. The donations come as a part of a campaign by two Bahraini NGOs, in cooperation with local organizations that cater to the needs of Syrian refugees, called “Badilha,” which is Arabic for “replace it.” The campaign, which is sponsored by Bahraini government, replaced refugee tents in the Al-Houweish camp in Akkar with 33 portable housing units. The move comes after harsh winter storms flooded refugee camps, destroyed tents and led to several deathes and injuries among Lebanon’s Syrian refugee population. Last month, three Syrian children burned to death in a north Lebanon refugee camp after their tent caught fire.