“Because you are a Human” Shares Children their joy

“Because you are a Human” Shares Children their joyimage

06 Oct 2015

“Because You Are A Human” organization, competent in psychosocial support, launched campaign on the occasion of Eid al-Adha during the days of Eid, in its centers in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. According to what coordinator in Bekaa, the aim of the campaign is to bring joy to children, “even if it’s the simplest possible that we possess, a small initiative of a few physical possibilities through which we can make a festival for children.”

In the Bekaa Valley, the center received in the third day of Eid 300 children of Syrian refugees from the Marj, Saad, Nile and Gaza camps, where children did a number of scientific contests and games, children also participated in writing thoughts about Syria and Eid through a large plate, in addition to cartoon characters and clown small feast, at the end of the activity gifts where distributed to children.

In Amman, the team participated in the organization of celebratory feast in collaboration with the Association of Homs in the Diaspora the fifth day of Eid, and they accepted 80 children. There was also a show for story of Abraham and his son Ishmael (peace be upon them) through the puppet theater, so the meaning of sacrifice and giving to be highlighted. Children also made sheep by cotton and newspapers, in addition to a range of cultural competitions and kinetic activities and distribution of gifts by the cartoon personal involvement in the celebration.

In Istanbul, the team has held a celebratory feast in the elite school attended by 75 children from the Syrians orphans, in cooperation with “Sawaed Team”. A clown painted the children’s faces, and series of contests and games were held.