Belgium backs Generations For Peace refugee youth project

Belgium backs Generations For Peace refugee youth projectimage

11 Aug 2015

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed to commit resources to a sport and art project that will benefit thousands of young refugees in Jordan

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed to work Generations For Peace in a partnership that will boost the impact and sustainability of the NGO’s Jordan Schools Programme, it was announced on Monday.

The partnership will benefit 5,000 young people living in vulnerable refugee host communities in Jordan, Generations for Peace said. Population pressures and tensions are growing in schools in Jordan’s refugee host communities, due to the intake of a high number of Syrian refugees. The programme focuses on reducing violence and the potential for violence in these schools through sports and art leadership projects.

“This partnership will provide significant support for our Generations For Peace programmes in Jordan at a time when we must continue to reduce the tension and risk of violence among children and young people in schools and communities most in need,” said HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, Founder and Chairman of Generations For Peace. Through the partnership, Generations For Peace Clubs will be created in 12 schools in host communities across Jordan.

Generations For Peace will select and train 100 students who demonstrate commitment and leadership, and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to begin facilitating sport and art for peace activities in their schools. These young people will also lead on initiatives in their surrounding community that are designed to strengthen social cohesion, resilience and social capital.

“We are delighted to pledge our commitment to this important programme,” said Didier Reynders, Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Affairs.

“Our recent visit to see the work of Generations For Peace in Za’atari Village host community demonstrated the power of sport and its ability to break down stereotypes and bring young people from Jordan and Syria together.”

Belgium’s Ambassador to Jordan, Thomas Baekelandt, said “These young people have enormous potential and we are delighted to support them in their role as change-makers who can ensure a brighter future for their communities.”