Blackouts in ” Zaatari camp ” and the Commission can not afford the bills!

Blackouts in ” Zaatari camp ” and the Commission can not afford the bills!image

25 May 2015

Syrian refugees in Zaatari refugee camp have been Complaining about power outages for months, which aggravates their suffering especially with the presence of sick people who need devices to live, refugees had explained that power outages in some areas of the camp puts the lives of some patients, who use the domestic medical equipment which are electrically operated, in risk, what prevents vital organ operation, in conjunction with high temperatures, and that make life inside caravans unbearable.

A Syrian refugee “Ali Hamdan” said that dozens of refugees depend on generators which run on diesel, pointing out that the Zaatari camp, which is located in the bleak geographical area, is without electricity, and that had caused the high temperatures inside the prefab houses, so the refugees can’t stay inside for long.

One of the workers in the relief organizations, said that the Zaatari refugee camp had been without electricity for several months as a result of some generators crashes and illegal Ensnarement for electricity by the refugees.

The journalist “Hazem Almazzoni” explained that The sales of electric generators trade had been active in the light of almost complete interruption of electrical current since the beginning of March, as the price of each electricity generator reached to $ 140 inside the camp, and often neighbors share the price of one generator to meet the basic needs like charging cell phones which were the only connection to the outside world, and lighting house with one lamp, and he added that “The other problem lies in securing the necessary petrol which they need for running lights for several hours during a day, and especially that the entry of petrol to the camp is categorically forbidden, however, the children drop across the fence to a close station which they buy petrol from and take it to the camp by stealth. “

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, in the United Nations and the representative of Jordan, “Andrew Harper,” said on Saturday that the power outages in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, especially Zaatari camp, do not have adequate support from institutions and organizations to pay the huge electricity bills, indicating that the electricity bill for camp Zaatari alone cost about 500 thousand dinars per month.

And according to Jordan “tomorrow” newspaper “Harper” had commented on the issue of power cuts for Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, especially Zaatari camp, saying that “We do not have adequate support from institutions and organizations to pay huge bills for electricity, as Zaatari camp requires alone a payment of almost 500 thousands dinars per month, and we take care in our framework that we don’t overwork Jordan’s wealth and resources, and we like to discuss some ways to provide energy sources that serve Jordan before the refugees. “

And during a conference about “the situation of refugees in the region” within the activities of the World Economic Forum, he pointed out that what Refugees are looking for is a dignified life and the ability to provide education and employment opportunities, in addition to that he said, ” we must adopt a new approach to secure the best ways of life for the refugees, where ever they are, and invest efforts and partnerships for the future generations, and work on a greater involvement of the private sector institutions in their cause. “

The media and public contact assistant at the refugees High Commissioner in the United Nations “Nasre Alddin Tawaybeya” had explained earlier that “the monthly cost of electricity bill in the Zaatari refugee camp is close to a half million dollars,” adding that “this bill includes the provision of lighting in the streets of the camp, caravan, and offices of international organizations operating in the camp. “