Britain offers support by all mean to rescue migrants

Britain offers support by all mean to rescue migrantsimage

22 Apr 2015

British Prime Minister “David Cameron” announced that his country would contribute to the EU mission for rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean, pointing out that London has all kinds of resources necessary to achieve the rescue. According to several sources, it is expected that Cameron will join, next Thursday, meeting, dedicated for the issue of immigration from North Africa to Europe, with the participation of leaders and governments of 28 countries in the European Union, where Cameron preview his suggestions and will discuss the situation with the participants. In another context, the French judiciary and French intelligence agencies are facing several difficulties with the rights of the French jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria, in finding out what they have they been involved in. Lawyer “Florian Steel” to “France Press”, he said “what we have in the files is phone recordings or intercept calls on Skype, this give us an indication of the geographical location, and that’s all”, stressing that it not possible to open a case, based only on what the accused person wants to say to us, either we believed him or not. Steel pointed that just entering the Syrian territories today is enough for a conviction and the facing provisions after several years of imprisonment. Another lawyer said, that judges should distinguish between “extremists” and among those who did not go only for short stays, and they are much more in numbers, indicating that for those “short staiers” the penalties applying to them should be more moderate. According to a recent report issued by the French Senate, the nearly 1,500 French have gone since 2012 to combat zones in Iraq and Syria, and 200 of them subsequently returned to their home countries, where most of them were arrested or put under surveillance.