“Carnival of love for the homeland”, Qaboun, Damascus

“Carnival of love for the homeland”, Qaboun, Damascusimage

16 Apr 2015

In a new and strange gesture, the youth of “Damascus Rose” voluntary team, in cooperation with activists from the neighborhood “Qaboun” Damascus, started a carnival for the children of the town aiming to draw a smile on the faces of children and bring joy to their hearts and the hearts of the people of the town. Carnival kicked off last Friday in exactly two o’clock in the afternoon, and lasted for two hours inside a cellar for residential building, which was already been outfitted by the team. However, it was not possible to do the carnival in a public square, or even in one of the streets of the neighborhood for the safety of children from the treachery of the regime forces, and not to be targeted by mortar or other rockets. Returning to the activities of the carnival; it started by an introductory speech by the director of the event, talking about; ceremony and foremost, objectives and goals of it. Then all presents recited Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of the Syrian revolution. Other sections included; speeches, poems, and singing revolutionary songs. Then, there were prayers of the martyrs, and for wounded to speed recovery and Champions of the FSA to have victory in addition to the competitions, games and dances with playful characters loved by children. During “Rose and Milk” section, there was a distribution of infant’s milk at the end of the carnival, and simple gifts were given to people. The director of the event stressed that, there will be more events in the sieged areas, which is not under the authority of Syrian regime, aiming to bring joy to children and distribute milk to all children.