Charities had said that UN has failed in helping Syrian refugees

Charities had said that UN has failed in helping Syrian refugeesimage

12 Mar 2015

The UN Security Council has failed to implement resolutions to protect and help civilians in Syria, a report by a group of 21 aid agencies says. The agencies – including Save the Children and Oxfam – say it has been the “worst year” for civilians as the conflict enters its fifth year. Another humanitarian report says 83% of the lights in Syria have gone out since the conflict began in March 2011. The UN secretary general says the long-term aim remains a political solution. “The bitter reality is that the Security Council has failed to implement its resolutions,” said Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council. “Parties to the conflict have acted with impunity and ignored the Security Council’s demands, civilians are not protected and their access to relief has not improved,” he added. The “Failing Syria” report by the 21 aid agencies says: People are not protected: 2014 was the deadliest year of the conflict in Syria, with at least 76,000 Syrians killed Aid access has not improved: 4.8m people in need reside in areas defined by the UN as “hard to reach”, one million more than in 2013 Needs have increased: 5.6m children are in need of aid, a 31% increase since 2013 The humanitarian response has decreased compared to needs: In 2013, 71% of the funds needed to support civilians inside Syria and refugees in neighbouring countries were provided. In 2014, this had declined to 57% The report, from leading human rights and humanitarian groups, is scathing. Last year was the most bloody of the war so far, and the worst for civilians. It condemns the world’s most powerful countries for not having the will to apply their own UN resolutions on the free flow of humanitarian aid to the victims of the war. Britain’s former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, now head of the International Rescue Committee, said it was shocking that politicians around the world had given up on solving the Syrian crisis. The UN and other agencies have established a massive programme of aid. But donations from governments are being…