Charity Kitchen in Southern Damascus

Charity Kitchen in Southern Damascusimage

03 Jul 2015

The charity kitchen of the relief office of the southern Damascus countryside, is one of the most important kitchens operating in beleaguered south Damascus, trying to bridge the gaps of hunger widespread among children, women and elders in that area and resemble a live expression of the social determination that tries to face the crimes of Assad while the world is silent.

The charity kitchen played a vital role in alleviation of hunger caused by the sieging applied to that area by the regime forces. The kitchen helped people by providing modest meals.

Where in the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan this year, the kitchen has launched a new campaign called “Ramadan The Good” in the towns (Yalda) and (Babbila) to provide breakfast for the people of the south of Damascus besieged, perhaps help to support people in fasting under “brutal famine,” as described by some activists there.

Field activist (Yahya Ayoub) reported, “Charity kitchen now is focusing its services on immigrants of towns south of Damascus, the areas occupied by Shiite militias end of the year 2013”. Ayoub adds “About 7,000 people benefit from the charity kitchen in the south of Damascus, on a daily basis within its different campaigns Ramadan.”

Many activists field reports that there are two dilemmas faced by the charity kitchen in the south of Damascus:

The first dilemma is the “acute shortage of food ration (lentils, bulgur wheat, rice) and in particular the materials used for cooking as cooking oil, margarine basic. Therefore, in addition to the non-availability of gas and fuel sufficient and necessary to the process of cooking, forcing them in some cases to the use of firewood substitute for that. “

The second dilemma: is according to Yahya Ayoub in “traders control prices of food supplies to a large extent there are any more than greed and greed, and accompany it, with a lack of material support for the kitchen on the one hand, and growing upward to the people who mean the charity kitchen on the other hand”

It is worth mentioning that the kitchen charity has launched in early April of this year “altruism and feed” campaign for itinerant neighborhood of Yarmouk refugee camp, after the displacement of hundreds of families, including following the storming by the “Islamic state” which is known as “Daash”.