Children provide a silent play about their experience with pain in Syria

Children provide a silent play about their experience with pain in Syriaimage

19 May 2015

Children who were victims of the Syrian war preformed on the stage a small part of the story of their tragedy, which they lived in Syria, on crutches, wheelchairs and truncated parties, within the play “we have provided for freedom” presented in the capital, Amman.

Abdullah, Eman and Samer children who lost limbs, but they have shown to the rest of their comrades with a lot of confidence and strength to their acting work, in defiance of the war and it’s ugliness.

“we have provided to the light” was the name of the play in its theatrical Alert earlier, as it was initiated by the director Jalal Altawel, at the beginning the play was for 15 minutes in Otmh camp for Syrian refugees in Turkey, but with the accumulation of nearly 150 children efforts Distributors in countries of asylum, the play became longer it reached fifty minutes, and it was a product of children ideas, with the aim of helping them to overcome the war phobia through drama.

Sam entered the theater on his wheelchair, carrying balloons and let them fly and the tents of Syrian refugees fly with them, “We do not want tents, we want to go back to Syria and we will return”

The boy, Khaled, has participated in many skits, one of them about the issue of detainees and the dead, in addition to that he said “many detainees in Syria, and the Syrians are not numbers … They are soles.”

The director Jalal Altawel explained that the quarter of the play was dedicated for Syrian children with cancer, as the display heroine Razan Khoja was infected with the disease, and drew their attention to the suffering of those children with cancer who were stopped from receiving the medical support from the United Nations and their treatment became quite expensive.

The director added, “We reiterate the play this time because we are targeting foreign communities, and as the play is silent they will be able to understand everything.”