Children Syrian refugees in Jordan are waiting for surgery or death

Children Syrian refugees in Jordan are waiting for surgery or deathimage

26 Jun 2015

Nearly 60 refugees of Syrian refugees in Jordan injured with heart deficiencies, area waiting for their chances in surgery, which could give them a new life.

A number of charitable and relief associations, as well as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), has documented their names and their medical cases in lists, waiting for people to donate the expenses of their operations.

French series Hope, a medical relief association made up of a group of French doctors, periodically awards a number of them free surgeries. While others remain on the waiting list for at least another six months. In case they did not find donors, then they would be left to withstand or die.

Medical support coordinator for Syrian refugees, Ferial Mohammed, said that “every time the medical committee for “Series of Hope” returns to run scheduled operations, we find that many of children in these lists have died, so they choose to others. Specialists do their best to choose the most urgent cases to conduct operations to, but large numbers and the limited materials prevent them from doing it for everyone. “

She continued Explaining: “The Committee has a specific budget to pay the total costs, some doctors volunteering or giving up their wages, give the opportunity to another child. So new volunteer doctors would save the greatest number of children from certain death, “

It is interesting that most of the volunteer doctors to perform these operations of French assets despite the large presence of Syrian Physicians and Surgeons in France and many of alienation countries, says relief activist, Ahmed Sidqi, “The opportunity still exists for many of the Syrian and Arab doctors, to save these children and other lives, donation by operation is the simplest for them, they should remember well that patients can not easily reach them, but they can find patients in need for them. “

On the other hand, number of activists in the relief field document cases and submit them to the associations and various medical organizations, Ferial Muhammad describes: “Our role is to connect patients to various medical committees, only in our list 48 children, 12 of them with critical cases, most patients do not have access to organizations, and the committees often come and go and not hear anything about it. “