Civil Defence Team visit to Arastan School

Civil Defence Team visit to Arastan Schoolimage

15 Apr 2015

Many volunteers and civil defence members are affected by the barrel bombs in the horrific circumstances while trying to rescue civilians trapped in rubble after bombing raids on their homes.The civil defence team members are unarmed volunteers rescue force with uncompromising neutrality at its heart. The stories of the volunteers are unsurprising harrowing in the extreme. The team has responded to several bombings a day.They recount locating victims in factories, homes and schools. 

There are many immediate and urgent needs for the Syrian Civil Defence, but there are not enough personnel to deal with the constant bombs and shelling. The civil defence team is giving a hope to the population even many of them were targeted and are affected by the continuous shells. They can work in the darkness of night using torches or spotlights, and that would make them as targets as well.The civil defence members are civilian and unarmed humanitarian personnel. Therefore, any deliberate attacks on their teams or equipment are a violation of the international humanitarian law. 

Anamel School has invited the civil defence team to deliver a lecture to the students on the importance of the civil defence services and to teach the students how in the act in different hazardous situations. The civil defence team was founded in early 2014 by volunteers and specialists that are experts in proving civil defence services. The team deliver varied health and safety services and emergency response to the people, such as : evacuation, rescuing, first aid and firefighting services in the Rustin area nearly every day. The team is facing significant challenges and difficulties in the current conflict situation in the area.

The team has taught the students how to use the fire extinguisher and different methods of firefighting. The lecture was very successful and received much appreciation from the students, in particular, the male students. The civil defence team has described how they have lost three members of their team by explosive barrels during a rescue task in the area, and only one member has survived. Later the students visited the team member that survived the explosion to listen to his courageous story.