Clean Drinkable Water Reach Refugees in Zaatari

Clean Drinkable Water Reach Refugees in Zaatariimage

09 Apr 2015

After a long trouble in the Zaatari refugee camp and the problems that affect the future of children and their daily lives finally with support from Kuwait. UNICEF through its partners have been able to ensure that Syrian refugees in Jordan receive an average 35L of water every day “The water tank is just next door. And now there are no queues so I don’t have to walk a long distance or wait a long time to get water” mother in zaatari said. The services include the daily supply of clean water, desludging of waste water and hygiene promotion and its enables the collection and disposal of solid waste using 19 trucks in the camp. On average, 24 trips are made disposing around 750 cubic meters of solid waste on a daily basis. In this broad community of this initiative is vital and useful to avoid the spread of disease, With the support of the Kuwaiti Government, UNICEF was also placed observers to ensure the maintenance of clean water and distributed on a regular basis “It is not enough to just provide water. It is critical that the water we provide is safe for consumption and the DFAs play a critical role in ensuring this,” said UNICEF’s Chief of WASH, Esmaeil Ibrahim. UNICEF is currently in the process of building a water distribution network in the camp, which will drastically reduce operational costs, ensure equitable distribution of water to all families and also help protect the environment