«Clouds over Cedar» short film sponsored by the United Nations shows the suffering of Syrian refugees

«Clouds over Cedar» short film sponsored by the United Nations shows the suffering of Syrian refugeesimage

20 May 2015

The United Nations, on Tuesday, started to show a short documentary film, was ejected in Virtual Reality technology, it tells the story of a Syrian refugee child, to inform the international community of the suffering of Syrian refugees in the camps, and to highlight the difficult conditions in which they live every day.

«Clouds over Cedra» is title of the movie that «will live viewers a unique experience», according to those who support it, through a very sophisticated technique similar to those used in electronic games, called «virtual reality», and is characterized by high-tech sound, three-dimensional images.

They added that each viewer will feel like a cloud above the Cedra heroine of the film, and pursued wherever she went, and so will live what you live this child during the whole day in the Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, and are accompanied to school, and see smiles of children and their greetings to her through her eyes, and more importantly, it will explore the real suffering experienced that she has been going through.

Stressing «Here’s the aim of the production this film», the United Nations for this film hired all the material and technical potential, to reflect viewers fact that to be refugee, and to attract the sympathy of the international community, and the attention of politicians in this disaster which growing for the fifth year in a row.

Skvan Ali, a Syrian director lives in Norway, said about this film to ARA News «I didn’t have the chance to watch the film yet, but the technique used in produced it is one of the latest technologies in this area, and it is a very high cost in filmmaking».

He added, «Cedra is all those Syrians who live in the camps, she will be transferred what two million Syrian children have been through in the camps of neighbouring countries».

The premiere of the film began on Tuesday, in the effectiveness of gathering all the ministers of education in the world, and hosted by the South Korean capital Seoul for three days, is expected to be introduced in other events for watching the greatest number of people.