Paid Social Advertising

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About this course
This course will introduce you to the foundations of Paid Social Advertising and how it can open up avenues to promote your business and target your desired audiences. You’ll learn the use of Facebook ads manager, google adwords, and email marketing from setting up campaigns to tracking effective customer journeys that deliver results. At the end of this course, you’ll understand the wide scope of digital marketing campaigns and how to choose and implement the right one to your business goals.


Day 1

Introduction about Paid Advertising


Day 2

Facebook & Instagram Advertising


Day 3

Influencer Marketing


Day 4

LinkedIn Ads


Day 5

Google AdWords setup and management


Day 6

Display advertising & Remarketing


Day 7

Youtube Advertising


Day 8

SEO & Google Search Console


Day 9

Email Marketing


Day 10

Understanding The Customer Journey


Day 11

Measurement & Analytics


Day 12