“Cup of Coffee” showing the suffering of Palestinians refugee inside Yarmouk

“Cup of Coffee” showing the suffering of Palestinians refugee inside Yarmoukimage

24 Apr 2015

“Cup of Coffee” is the name for an exhibition, Palestinian artist “Anas Salameh”, is doing in Berlin, Germany. In which (350) paintings by “salameh” would be shown, trying to shed light on the suffering in Syria, inside Yarmouk refugee camp, by showing paints he painted using remains of Arabic coffee. About the exhibition and its importance he say, he tried to document the stories of pain in each house and neighbourhood of the Yarmouk refugee camp in particular and in Syria in general, in a visual manner through paintings by the remains of coffee, were each plate is document for a humanitarian case saw in the Yarmouk refugee camp, He adds that these paintings are like a diary tells the story of each day and the event that happened in it in each painting. He said that the Palestinian people in Syria witnessed a new catastrophe and distraction which is the hardest hit by tragedy after the catastrophe of 1948. “Anas Salameh” pointed that he drew nearly 350 panel, most of them were painted inside the Yarmouk refugee camp, after the came was subjected to the bombing, he managed to take out the rest of the paintings, he was able to get about 150 work them. The exhibition will be held within the activities of the thirteenth Palestinians in Europe Conferencein April 25 in Berlin, Germany.