“Damascus Rose” Campaign to save Syrian Children

“Damascus Rose” Campaign to save Syrian Childrenimage

20 May 2015

The sieging imposed by the Syrian regime on the regions of Damascus for nearly two years, caused the activists to launch campaigns, to provide the trapped people with food, especially children.

Activists founded in April the last, relief association bears “Damascus Rose”, in order to provide assistance to children, particularly flour, powdered milk that prices has jumped dramatically, due to sieging and the deterioration of living conditions.

Where the slogan “Save the Children of Syria” became the most prominent appeal with the beginning of the fifth year of the crisis. According to a report of the United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” issued in March, about six million Syrian children living in miserable conditions.

Team official of “Damascus Rose” Abu Basem Alkabona says “It could not be achieved for any feasibility in relation to the blockade or finding bread to the hungry, milk for children, so we decided that we initiate assistance, in light of the reality of the relief organizations unable to deliver aid and shun the international community about this siege “.

He adds, “The idea is far from any military or political partisanship and affiliation Assembly, and the goal of the team is only to alleviate the suffering of our people trapped and try to aid children with milk, and restore joy to their hearts through recreational activities within the available and possible.”

He points out that the Assembly is seeking through its volunteer team to expand the circle, through networking with donors and activists in order to aid the besieged everywhere.

In regards to the funding sources, Alkabona explains, “We started over a few donations do not exceed $ 5 from the donor, before the spread of knowledge of our work, what led to the provision of expatriate Syrians about $ 2,000, has enabled us to buy milk for about 678 children inside “Teshreen district” and 650 children in the “Qaboun neighborhood”, and now we prepare for distribution to the third zone. “

He points out that the limited donations prevent the expansion of aid to cover the drug, saying, “we can not currently distribute drug, but that within the group’s plan, the list of needy children includes some 1,700 children in dire need to milk and food.”

He continues that the team members exceeded thirty people, works on a voluntary basis without any fees, and seeks to secure food and methods of delivery of aid, “we sacrifice our lives to deliver the milk, to enter through a risky private ways, as we can not ask for help from any partisan or political or military.”

The World Organization for the Protection of Children, has pointed out that more than 1.5 million children in Syria, left their education in schools, and turned to support their families for the labor market, or involved in the ongoing armed conflict in the country for more than four years.