Dermatology Clinic in specialized Saudi clinics treat 932 Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp

Dermatology Clinic in specialized Saudi clinics treat 932 Syrian refugees in Zaatari campimage

11 Aug 2015

The Specialized Saudi Clinics, Dermatology Clinic in Zaatari refugee camp received during the recent heat wave about 932 Syrian refugees for the treatment of diseases caused by the heat which recorded unprecedented number in the region.

And the pathological cases that came to the clinic varied between the iris disease, skin rashes, sunburn and other fungal diseases and gave them medical treatment services through medical consultations and prescriptions to avoid aggravation of these diseases and the spread of infection between the Syrian brothers, in addition to the focus on the special children’s care.

The medical director of the Specialized Saudi Clinics, Dr. Mohammed Ismail, explained that the Dermatology Clinic during the past two weeks recorded a large number of patients because of the heat wave that affected the region, stressing that it was dealt with pathological cases in very effectively ways were given appropriate treatments.

He pointed out that the Dermatology Clinic depends through its work on the necessary laboratory tests and sampling, and then provide appropriate treatment so patients will regain health.

For his part, the Regional Director of the Saudi National Campaign to support the brothers in Syria Dr. Bader Abdul Rahman Samhan said that the Saudi National Campaign focuses on providing proper health environment for the Syrian refugees brothers through specialized Saudi clinics multiple programs.

Samhan stressed the need to take the necessary medical, environmental and health measures for Syrian brothers in refugee camps to prevent the spread of epidemic and infectious diseases, especially with the continuing heat wave in the desert camp environment.